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Live Chick Orders Placed the Week of May 20, 2024 will ship the week of June 17, 2024. 

If you need something sooner check out our Facebook Page or join or e-mail list for Over Hatch Alerts.

Blue/Black/Splash Slate Turkey Poults
  • Blue/Black/Splash Slate Turkey Poults

    Breed: Blue/Black/Splash Slate Turkey  


    APA: Only Blue Slate Is Recognized


    Egg Color: Cream Colored Eggs with Tan Speckling


    Egg Production: 3/week seasonally


    Breed Facts: The blue slate turkey is an excellent choice for a backyard bird. They are excellent foragers and reproduce naturally with the hens going broody. EVERYONE should experience owning a turkey even if only to prepare for the holidays. 


    Like other poultry the blue doesn't breed true so all hatching eggs are categorized as blue/black/splash which means they could be any 3 of these colors. To ensure the color you prefer you can purchase as a baby poult.


    We feed only the best chemical free certified organic feed from day one!

    • We ship day old chicks on Monday through Wednesday, depending on destination and hatch time. It is our goal to be as transparent as possible when accepting orders by listing in stock seperately from pre-order. We fill all orders in the order received and will note in each listing if the lead time is more than 4-6 weeks out.


      Day old chicks are shipped via USPS Priority Mail Express. Orders must be picked up at the post office the day they arrive.


      We are unable to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Rhode Island.

    Available to Ship mid-April can combine with other chicks.
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