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Live Chick Orders Placed the Week of May 20, 2024 will ship the week of June 17, 2024. 

If you need something sooner check out our Facebook Page or join or e-mail list for Over Hatch Alerts.

Blue/Black/Splash (BBS) Orpington Hatching Eggs

Blue/Black/Splash (BBS) Orpington Hatching Eggs

Breed: Black/Blue/Splash Orpington


APA: Recognized Varieties – Black, Buff, Blue and White


Egg Color: Light Brown


Egg Production: 3/week


Breed Facts: Known as gentle, sweet, durable birds they are one of the best choices for first time chicken owners. The blue plumage is a deep blue. Splash is a light body color with black and blue speckles throughout.


Blue chickens do not breed true and our pairing produces approximately 25% black chicks, 50% blue chicks and 25% splash chicks. We sell these as a black/blue/splash mix lot.


We feed our girls only the best chemical free certified organic feed from day one!



  • Shipping on Hatching Eggs

    We ship hatching eggs Monday through Saturday, depending on when the hens lay. We strive to ship within 24 hours of the egg being laid. Eggs that are older than 48 hours go in the incubator, to the farmers market or the food bank. We don’t have the ability to store and keep eggs.


    Hatching Eggs are always shipped via USPS Priority Mail at no cost to you when you purchase a minimum of FIVE. The option is available for expedited mail at an additional charge. Priority is not guaranteed and it can take longer than 1-3 days for you to receive your package. Only Express Mail guarantees delivery.


    We are unable to ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico at this time.


    Delivery of Hatching Eggs

    To reduce the amount of handling and extremes of temperature the eggs experience en route, which increases the viability of your eggs, we recommend you opt for “CALL ON ARRIVAL.” We can indicate on the label that you be called on arrival to pick up at your local post office rather than send with the carrier. This information isn’t always seen by the carrier and the eggs are delivered to the physical shipping address but calling or stopping by your local post office to let them know the package is coming helps greatly.


    If you wish for your order to be held for pick up at the Post Office, please indicate so in the checkout instructions along with your phone number.


    They have arrived!
    Once your eggs arrive let them “rest” inside in a carton with the pointy end down largest end up. Do not put cold eggs into an incubator they will crack.


    Eggs ship from Alabama, where it is extremely humid, eggs are collected throughout the day and transfered to a climate controlled room (with 40% relative humidity) where they are either packed and shipped or set to hatch. Even with this limited time before leaving it is possible your eggs will have a smaller air cell than eggs produced in more arid climates. You should adjust your incubating settings accordingly for your method of incubation. We utilize the dry hatching method.

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