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6+ Chem Free Hatching Eggs

We feed our girls only the best chemical free certified organic feed.


We are in the process of regrouping our pens to better meet or hatching goals. In the meantime, we will be offering assorted hatching eggs for $40 a half dozen shipped or picked up anywhere in Alabama. We do include additional eggs in your order as a bonus in case there is any breakage. We candle before we ship and do not ship old or dirty eggs. You will get whatever Is layed within 24 hours before shipping/delivering your order.


Current layers include: Ameracauna (not a mixed pen), Black & Blue Copper Maran, Lavender Orpington (not mixed), Fauvacanna, F1 Olive Egger, BC1 Olive Egger, Welsummer. You will definitely get some crosses and some pure.


We will only be making this available for the next 60 days as the hens settle into their new pens with their new laying groups.


Local delivery and pickup available in Tuscaloosa County.



6+ Chem Free Hatching Eggs

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    We are only shipping to addresses within the state of Alabama.


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